Return Trip Magazine: Out of Place (2021)

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Return Trip ( is an independent magazine exploring how travel makes us feel. In issue #2, we explore what it means to feel “out of place” in our travels. What does it mean to stand out while travelling? What does it mean to fit in? How do these experiences shape our identities?

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Featuring stories of transformative travel experiences and reflections on immigrant identities, we delve into global moments of change and examine how they help us become who we are. Our second issue includes personal travel essays, travel photography, fiction, poetry and art from 21 contributors living across Canada and around the world.

6 x 8.5 inches, 90 colour pages, perfect bound.
Made in Toronto, Canada.

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Table of Contents:

Erin Pehlivan
Editor's Letter

Sarah Vardy
You're Doing It Wrong: Solo Travel in Hamburg

Gabriella Rackoff
Keep on Strolling: Travelling Europe with a Baby

Aliyyah Fazil
Going Places: A Georgetown (Guyana) Photo Essay

Kayla-Jolene Doris
Reset Travel: Saying Bye to Basic Holidays

Alexandra Caprara
Fragments of Time: On Finding Home

Stefanie Durbin
Sudden Departures: A Love Letter to Istanbul

Leila Fatemi
The Wandering Veil: Photo Essay

Furqan Mohamed
i have never been home: poetry

Michelle Kay
Where Are You Really From?: Ruminating in Hamburg

Yolanta C. Siu
On the Pilgrimage Road: Japan's Shikoku Island (Photo Essay)

Liz Allemang
Bitten in Bulgaria: Personal Essay

Claire Millar
Little Kingdom of Healing: Disabled Travel in Bhutan

Dhvani Ramanujam
Mother Tongues: An Essay on Language and Family in India

Niamh Gordon
Covering Ground in Berlin: Fiction

With art and photography by:
Xuan Loc
Carole Maillard
Tuan Nini
Irina Perju
Namrata Vansadia
Holly Warburton
Cover art by Carole Maillard

Additional Credits:
Erin Pehlivan, Editor
Jessica Johnstone, Creative Director
Luana Suciu, Art Director
Lindsay Tapscott, Copy Editor