Return Trip Spring / Summer 2019


Image of Return Trip Spring / Summer 2019

Return Trip is an independent magazine exploring how travel makes us feel. In the first issue of Return Trip, we uncover what it means to “return” — whether to our homes, our roots, or the road. From featured discussions on how our lives have been shaped by travel, to reflections on immigrant identities, we look at how global experiences play a role in helping us become who we are. Our first issue includes art, photography, stories, journals, poetry and essays from 19 contributors living in Canada and around the world.

6 x 8.5 inches, 110 colour pages, perfect bound. Printed in Toronto, Canada.

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Bettina Carating / Erin Pehlivan / Eve Tagny / Genevieve Yam Kopman / Jamie Banks / Jasmine Landau / Jesse Boswell / Jessica Johnstone / Jessica Kasiama / Joanne Son / Keenan Lynch / Lindsay Tapscott / Luana Suciu / Mai Nguyen / Meeshun Yang / Pam Lau / Rhea Da Costa-Clark / Susan Van Beek Rogers / Theo Kapodistrias / William Ruzvidzo

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